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Meet Brittany

brittany mccoy photography nebraska portrait bride

HIIIIII BABE! My name is Brittany McCoy and I am about to be YOUR photographer. LETS FUCKING GAOOO queen!!!!

I am a wedding photographer, bath and Moscow mule LOVAAAA. I am also a mom to a sweet beautiful SIX year old boy, Waylon David.


Your wedding day was meant for me to capture it. My main focus of your wedding day is to keep you cool, calm and collected...oh and happy af because I say the funniest things to make you laugh. You think your grandma is super reserved? Yaaaaa right! I get half my jokes from my grannies on wedding days.


Seriously though, everything works out in the end. I promise to be your best friend, personal attendant and your damn wedding planner all in one. Because, g i r l - you only get one wedding and we about to make it wild and I am gonna capture all of it; before, during and after the fireball! If you stay ready- you aint gotta get ready- LETS DO DIS!

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